An Introduction to Breathwork - for you and your client work

This short introductory course can be undertaken in your own time and at your own pace.  It contains videos of breath practices and text to read to provide a full flavour of breathwork and its benefits.  It can be taken for your own wellbeing as well as for those in the helping profession, wishing to take breathwork into their practice.

Breathwork is a natural, simple and powerful tool that has the ability to transform your wellbeing.  The breath is the only system in the body that we can control and learning to breathe to your fullest capacity can be life changing.  What’s amazing about breathwork is that it can calm & soothe, energise and invigorate and generally help maintain homeostasis within the body’s systems. There is a breath for every need and because it’s a system we can control it is a truly empowering and rewarding discipline.

You’ll learn a range of breathing exercises for:-

    • Calming and balancing
    • Sleep disruption
    • Vagal tone (supporting trauma recovery)
    • Pain management
    • Health and wellbeing

Breathwork can be truly transformative and even a few weeks of daily short practices can put your health and wellbeing onto a more positive path

The course comprises:-

    • Why breathwork and it’s key benefits
    • A range of breathing practices, their benefits and contra-indications
    • The stress response
    • Breathwork facilitation tips
    • Breathwork for mental & emotional health
    • Movement and breath exercises
    • A quiz to embed the learning


    • 3 x trauma videos (relational, developmental & transgenerational trauma)

Who is this course for:-

Counsellors, psychotherapists, complementary therapists, yoga teachers, teachers, social workers and anyone working 1-2-1 with clients or with groups.  It is also for perfect for those who wish to learn more about the breath and their body and who’d like to explore breathwork for their own health and wellbeing.

Self-study is via our online portal where you can take your time to work through the modules so learning at your own pace.  You have this course for life so you can return to it as often as you like.  It includes video lectures, exercises and demonstrations to give you an all-round learning experience.  Self-study learning is ideal for those who don’t want a more formal training, like our Breath Coach course.

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