An Introduction to Breathwork - for you and your client work







20 hours of CPD via self-study and group learning

2 days via Zoom and self-study videos & reading (life-long resource)

Friday 25th Feb 2022 and 4th March 2022 via Zoom, 10-2.30pm


Kate Williams, MBACP (Accred), Counsellor, Breathwork Coach, Yoga Teacher

Length:  20 hours of CPD via self-study and group learning

2 days via Zoom and self-study videos & reading (life-long resource)

Date:  Friday 25th Feb 2022 and 4th March 2022 via Zoom, 10-2.30pm

Price:  £195

Tutor: Kate Williams, MBACP (Accred), Counsellor, Breathwork Coach, Yoga Teacher

Once completed, you’ll gain an in-house Certificate of Atendance and 20 CPD hours

Once booked we will be in touch with more details

If you can’t attend the zoom sessions , purchase life-long access to the theory & breath practices only

Breathwork is a natural, simple and powerful tool that has the ability to transform your wellbeing.  The breath is the only system in the body that we can control and learning to breathe to your fullest capacity can be life changing.  What’s amazing about breathwork is that it can calm & soothe, energise and invigorate and generally help maintain homeostasis within the body’s systems. There is a breath for every need and because it’s a system we can control it is a truly empowering and rewarding discipline.

This 20 hour CPD will give you the confidence to bring a range of breathwork practices into your existing client work and own personal breathwork practice.  You’ll learn a range of breathing exercises for:-

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Sleep disruption
    • Vagal tone (supporting trauma recovery)
    • Pain management
    • Health and wellbeing

Breathwork can be truly transformative and even a few weeks of daily short practices can put your health and wellbeing onto a more positive path

The course comprises:-

    • Why breathwork and it’s key benefits
    • A range of breathing practices, their benefits and contra-indications
    • Common breathing patterns
    • The stress response
    • How to deliver breathwork safely
    • Breathwork for mental & emotional health
    • Trauma-informed practice
    • Quiz’s along the way to help embed the learning


    • 3 x trauma videos (relational, developmental & transgenerational trauma)

Who is this course for:-

Counsellors, psychotherapists, complementary therapists, yoga teachers, teachers, social workers and anyone working 1-2-1 with clients or with groups.  It is also for perfect for those who wish to learn more about the breath and their body and who’d like to explore breathwork for their own health and wellbeing.

Self study:-

You’ll be provided with a link to our self-study platform a month prior to the first zoom session.  All of the breathwork practices and theory are delivered in videos with accompanying text.  You will have life-long access to this material; an invaluable resource. 

The learning includes guided breathwork sessions to enable you to experience breathwork first-hand.

You have up til one month after the final zoom session to complete the self-study material and gain your in-house certificate of completion (2 months in total)

Zoom group sessions:-

You’ll then come together as a group to consolidate the self-study material, learn how to facilitate a breathwork practice safely with your client, explore breathwork with your group and practice delivering breath practices.   


From here, should you wish to dive deeper into the world of breathwork, you can progress onto our CPCAB Level 2 Award in Breathwork Coaching.  Click here. 

Becoming a breathwork Coach will enable you to work with a range of breathing dysfunctions, have a greater repertoire of breath practices to hand, integrate breathwork further into your existing practice, work 1-2-1 with clients in a breathwork capacity presenting with a range of physical and mental health conditions and with groups.

It is possible to purchase the self-study only for £95, following the link here.

2 Study Options:-

Self-study is via our online portal where you can take your time to work through the modules so learning at your own pace.  Self-study learning is ideal for dipping your toe in to see if counselling training might be for you.  From here in-person training will then be necessary to progress through to become a counsellor.  It includes video lectures, exercises, demo’s and ‘conversations with…’ to give you an all-round learning experience.

Face to face is ideal if you’d like to get a full experience of what counselling training can offer you.  It involves theory lectures, discussions, small group exercises and skills practice sessions. 

What our students say

“this is an excellent intro. course providing everything you need to know, in a nutshell, about counselling and counselling training.  I highly recommend it.”  Karen

“the self-study course enabled me to fit in the study around my other commitments.  I loved the different learning styles and can’t wait to progress onto Level 2”  Tom

“what’s great about the self-study course is that we can keep the materials and I know it’ll come in handy  as I progress onto Level 2.  This short course surpassed my expectations and was worth every penny”  Dave

“I really enjoyed the self-study course and being part of the facebook group meant I could ask the tutor questions.  Kate is really experienced and I felt I could ask anything.”  Jenny

“the face-to-face introductory course was such a great learning experience.  The tutor was really approachable  and I enjoyed the discussions on various topics.  Practicing skills has also given me the confidence to listen more effectively in my relationships”  Carole

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