L2 Award in Breathwork Coaching

About:4 months, blended self-paced learning & live zoom sessions
September 2024:
Start date: 1st September 2024 (self-study material emailed)
Induction: 9th Sept.: 6-8pm via Zoom
Fridays:  4/10, 8/11, 13/12: 10-4pm via Zoom
Tutor:  Kate Williams
 September 2024:
Spaces Available
Start date: 1st September 2024 (self-study material sent)
Induction: 8th Sept.: 2-4pm
Sundays: 6/10, 10/11. 15/12 via Zoom
Tutor: Phiona Hutton and Alison Drugan 
Cost:£525 + VAT (see deposit details below) 

Balance due 1 month prior to start date

Our four-month online CPCAB Breathwork Coach Training is an ideal training to fit around your schedule.  This course is a blend of 25-hrs of self-paced learning via an online portal and three one-day workshops via Zoom with your group, plus a two-hour evening induction.

To support your learning on this training peer support group sessions will also be offered throughout your course, between the workshops.  These dates will be provided prior to your course starting.  Whilst they are non-mandatory, students value this additional support and we encourage attendance.

Why breathwork?

Breathwork is a natural, simple and powerful tool that has the ability to transform your wellbeing.  The breath is the only system in the body that we can control and learning to breathe to your fullest capacity can be life changing.  What’s amazing about breathwork is that it can calm & soothe, energise and invigorate and generally help maintain homeostasis within the body’s systems. There is a breath for every need and because it’s a system we can control it is a truly empowering and rewarding discipline.

Breathwork is well known for its physical and mental health benefits.  Leaders in the field of trauma are also recognising its power of regulating the nervous system and supporting integration of traumatic events.   Breathing techniques are given to clients as a resource and I’ve found that by explaining the impact each breath technique has on the nervous system, my clients are more likely to take it on as a regular practice.  I’ve experienced client’s trauma and anxiety symptoms significantly reduce, in a short amount of time, after practicing some of the breathing techniques that I’ll be teaching you.

Breathwork is recognised by trauma experts such as Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Deb Dana, Bassel Van Der Kolk and Arielle Schwartz amongst many others as it is proven to support the bottom up approach to trauma recovery, so working on a somatic level.  Breathwork helps to shift stagnant and habitual patterns of relating.

About the course

This breathwork coach training will teach you over 20 breathing techniques that you will be able to teach to your clients: particularly beneficial to clients experiencing anxiety, depression and/or clients working through their trauma.  These breathing techniques are simple to learn yet extremely effective.  They are safe and accessible and easy to remember.

You will learn:

1)  Breath awareness and over 20 conscious breathing techniques
2)  T
he anatomy of the breath
3)  The benefit of the breath and breathing dysfunctions
4)  The nervous system and it’s relation to the breath
5)  Breathwork for hypoarousal, calming and energising
6)  Breathwork for regulating and maintaining homeostasis
7)  Contra-indications for the different breathwork practices
8)  Polyvagal theory and the breath as the golden key for mobilisation and vagal tone
Breathwork for anxiety, depression, trauma integration and other issues such as self-harm, bereavement and working with children.  Including safety and grounding exercises
10) Observational skills to identify your client’s breathing patterns and dysfunctions, and assessment skills to identify needs and goals for the work

By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident in sharing a range of breathing exercises with your clients, confident in assessing breathing dysfunction and confident in tracking bodily responses.  The live zoom session will be spent practicing, discussing and sharing experiences with your peers.

Additional support

If you require additional support due to having a disability or learning need then please see our additional learning policy on our website www.bedfordshiretherapeuticstudies.co.uk/policies  Please also contact Kate prior to applying to have a discussion of your needs.

How you will learn

    1. Your course will start with a live two-hour induction via zoom
    2. You can then start working your way through the self-paced material, via an online portal:-
      a.  PowerPoint theory presentations
      b.  Breathwork instruction and ‘how to teach’ videos
      Regular guided therapeutic breathwork sessions
      d.  Quizzes to embed learning
      e.  You’ll have lifelong access to these online materials
    3. One Sunday a month you will meet, via zoom, with your group:-
      To discuss your experiences with peers
      b.  To ask your tutor questions and go over any material from the self-study
      c.  To practice teaching each other breathwork techniques within small groups where you will be observed
      d.  To deepen your own breathwork practice through guided breathing sessions
      e.  To learn more theory on the breath & considerations for safe & ethical breath practice in 1-2-1 & groups
      f.   The zoom learning days are experiential with the emphasis on learning by doing.  


This is a CPCAB Level 2 Award qualification which has minimum assessment requirements in order for you to successfully pass the course:-

    • A daily personal breathwork practice log
    • A clinical case study (case study can be carried out on a peer should you not be working with suitable clients)
    • Submission of recording of a range of breathing exercises being explained and taught to another.

Upon qualification we offer ongoing support through our Breath Coach Facebook group and bi-monthly peer reflective practice groups.

What will this training give me?

Upon qualifying you will gain a CPCAB L2 Award in Breath Coaching enabling you to:-

    • Gain insurance to work as a professional Breathwork Coach
    • Integrate breathwork ethically into your current helping role
    • Work 1-2-1 with clients in a breath coach capacity
    • Deliver breathing sessions to groups

Who can apply?

This training is tailored to those in the helping profession and wish to bring breathwork confidently into their current practice OR who wish to add Breath Coaching to their current ‘helping’ qualifications.  It will most suit:-

    • Counsellors, life coach’s and psychotherapists
    • Other professionals: social worker, teachers, support worker, yoga teacher/therapist, holistic therapists, bodyworkers, fitness coaches

It is required that you already have your own insurance for your current profession and practice within an ethical framework of a relevant membership body.

If this field is completely new to you please contact Kate Williams direct at kate@bedfordshiretherapeuticstudies.co.uk to gain advice on what prior learning is required to undertake this course.

It is a requirement that you can take responsibility for your own learning and that you have worked through any past life events or traumas sufficiently to undertake an experiential course of this nature.

Application process and payment

1)      Complete the application form at the link above
2)      Pay non-refundable deposit of £165 + VAT to secure your place (or full course fee)
3)      Balance of £360 + VAT is due one month prior to the start of the course
4)      Self-study link will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the start date of the course where there will be an Induction and Introduction module to work through before the Live Induction session

In order to access this course you will require:-

    • A free cloud storage account for your e-portfolio e.g. google drive, drop box, Onedrive
    • Capacity to record via Zoom (iPhone & iPad devices do not allow recording however Apple computers & laptops do, as well as PCs) and a willingness to learn Zoom’s features to maximise your learning experience (please contact the centre ahead of applying if this is an issue)
    • To be willing to commit to the centre’s Zoom policy
    • Between 2.5 and 5 hours a week to work through the self-study material (this will vary depending on your learning style)
    • In addition, 10 mins morning and eve for your breathwork personal practice – which will be logged with some brief reflections
    • You’ll also be encouraged to practice facilitating breathwork practices with friends and family members so allow additional time for this
    • To be able to learn independently and take responsibility for your own learning
    • Awareness that this course contains approx. 60% practical & 40% theory.  Should you prefer a less theory-based course, our Introduction to Breathwork – for you and your client work may be more appropriate
    • Consideration of your support requirements. Breathwork can be deeply powerful and your personal practice may stir up suppressed feelings and memories. It’s advised that you create space in your monthly supervision (and/or personal therapy) to process what emerges for you

For queries, please contact Kate at Kate@bedfordshiretherapeuticstudies.co.uk

What our students say

“This is an incredible course both personally and professionally. There is an explosion of trauma training and materials out there at the moment, but I do feel this course offers a real, quality, accessible, comprehensive, practical bridging gap to go alongside more traditional counselling, which could make a real difference to peoples lives.”  Gemma

“This course was really well organised. The resources were set out well, and Kate was available to support at any time. I enjoyed the group interaction and really learned from others and lots of opportunity to work together. I would definitely recommend this course for people interested in breathwork. It has inspired me to take this into my own practice as a coach as well as in my personal life – I am already experiencing the benefits.” Tracey

“What a life-changing course. I came onto the course for myself as much for my client work as I’d been suffering with IBS and anxiety for many years. Well six weeks into the course and my anxiety has gone and my digestion is so much better. I’m not bloated any more and I feel full of energy. There was so much varied and informative content in this course and it was very useful to be able to go back over and rewatch the videos to fully embed these. The delivery was clear and concise. Also, there are so many useful links to follow that I know I will go back to as there is still so much to learn and explore more fully. I enjoyed the blended learning approach – getting together with peers on the Sundays to explore and practice breathwork.” Mandy

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