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Counselling & somatic-trauma therapy

In my unique approach to counselling and trauma therapy, I blend, what I consider the best and most effective, modalities:  sensorimotor psychotherapy, EMDR and parts work within a talking-therapy integrative framework rooted in humanistic & existential values and psychodynamic theory.  This wonderful blend can get to the heart of depression, anxiety and trauma in a safe and enlightening way.

Body-based psychotherapy can help you feel more grounded, alive and fulfilled whilst helping you to move away from habitual patterns into a more resourceful way of living.

Issues that I can help with include:- 

  • nervous system dysregulation that can manifest in chronic patterns of anxiety and overwhelm, self harm and OCD behaviours
  • depression and dissociation
  • single event trauma and multiple shock traumas
  • complex relational trauma often rooted in childhood
  • sexual violation 
  • poor self esteem, overthinking, intrusive thoughts, problems with boundaries 
  • relational conflicts and difficulties

My approach is a strength-based approach where internal resources can be reclaimed, discovered,  or created via somatic interventions (including movement, breathwork, body strengthening and following the bodies wisdom) along with the use of embodied imagery, which can include the creative arts – all to increase peace, rest & restoration, strengthen boundaries and confidence in self.  

I will further tailor sessions to meet specific needs where talking to gain insight & understanding may be a priority or EMDR processing of traumatic memories or parts work to free up natural energies of self-compassion for deeper internal and inner child work.

My fee is £60 for a 50 minute session

I work online, via zoom and from my practice in Potton, Beds working with adults and teens.  

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1-2-1 breathwork sessions are an hour long and will work to correct breathing dysfunction and improve breathing patterns bringing more energy and vitality back into your body and mind.

By developing a more optimal breathing pattern you will reap the benefits of the breath, including, decrease in anxiety & depression,  sounder sleep, increase energy levels, improved digestion, more fluidity in the body, decreasing in overthinking patterns and movement towards flow and health.

The breath is directly linked to the heart and nervous system.  Breathwork can energise, calm and balance.  In a 1-2-1 breathwork session you’ll develop a greater awareness of your body and learn how to use your breath to support your wellbeing.  You can engage in a one-off breath session, ad-hoc or regular sessions.

My fee is £75 per hour (this includes relevant breathwork audio’s and treatment plan)

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Currently I’m only working with therapists on a one-off or ad-hoc consultancy basis.  If you would like occasional support with integrating trauma-informed approaches of EMDR, parts work, attachment theory and somatic interventions into your core approach then please get in touch.

My fee per hour is £75.

At this time, I can’t offer monthly, ongoing supervision.

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Soul Nourishment by Kate Williams

Soul Nourishment combines various disciplines including counselling, metaphysics and yoga, as well as both one-to-one client work and working with groups, to produce a down-to-earth, holistic and creative approach to personal growth.

Each chapter concludes with lessons on tools and exercises such as meditations, visualisations, creative tools, breath work, bodywork, spiritual treatments and affirmations, and develops a theoretical basis into an interesting and accessible read. Purchase here.


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